3 Tips To Conquer Business And Personal Failure

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Positive Attitude

People often ask me how I am able to keep such a positive attitude when bad things happen to me or things don't work out as planned in my business or personal life.

My answer is quite simple and it's always the same ... "focus on the positive instead of the negative."

When bad things happen to me I use past experiences and imagery to shift my thoughts from the bad to the good. 

All I have to do is look around to find someone who is in worse shape than I am or think of a time when I was in a worse situation.

When I focus on those rough times or those bad situations my current state often doesn't seem so bad.

Sometimes Bad Things Happen

I'm not saying that the bad things that happen to us are good or that we should be happy about them.

But, bad things happen to all of us sometimes, it's called life.

If your situation causes pain or makes you angry then you should acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to be angry or hurt, but what you should not do is stay in that place and allow it to drag you down.

Get it out of your system and move on, stop wasting time because there are more opportunities waiting for you if you make yourself available

And if the opportunities don't show up on their own, get up and do something that will make it happen ... above all, please don't become a victim.

business success millennials HR career inspiration motivation

Worrying Won't Change Things

The cold hard facts are that worrying or feeling sorry for ourselves isn't likely to change what happened to us.

As human beings we have a natural tendency to focus on what is directly in front of us. 

If we lose a job for example we may spend so much of our time worrying about why we lost it that we may not be able to see that it was meant to be and that there is another better job out there just waiting for us. 

The same is true of relationships.

We can expend so much time and energy worrying about how bad our present situation is and grieving over our loss that we become stuck and remain still.

In some instances we can even become stuck in the past.

Don't Get Stuck

Let me assure you of one thing, while we are busy being stuck and trying to figure out what went wrong and trying to go back to the past to the same old situations, life will continue to move on toward the future and we will surely run the risk of losing out on a magnificent opportunity that is sitting there right under our nose. 
  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
Don’t miss out on all of the wonderful opportunities that are in store for you simply because you are unwilling to leave the past behind. 

So the next time you find yourself facing a bad situation remember to do these three things:
  1. Acknowledge the situation or the circumstance
  2. Get it out of your system through grief, anger or expression
  3. Find the opportunities, make a plan and move forward

Learn to move forward and never retreat.

Let go of the past and use the present to enthusiastically prepare for the future!