Put Some Joy and Happiness Into Your Life

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Motivation and Inspiration

I find it really interesting how motivation and inspiration can suddenly appear in our lives when we least expect it.

While sitting on my patio one day and admiring my freshly mowed lawn, a small piece of white paper which was out in the far corner of my back yard caught my attention.

I promptly got up from my comfortable chair and walked out, picked up the piece of trash and wadded it up in my hand. I had every intention of throwing it into the garbage can but for some strange unknown reason, I decided to open it up and look at it.

When I opened up the small piece of paper I discovered something quite interesting.

Drawn on both sides of the paper was what at first appeared to be a table, five rows across and seven columns down.

Upon closer examination I was able to see that this was a home-made calendar and each square had a date written in it which symbolized the days of the month.


Some of the squares had hand-written comments in them. As I began to read the comments a big smile suddenly came across my face.
Some of the comments were:

• Went to school
• Played football
• Washed Mom's truck
• Went to girl friend's house
• Went to eat a burger
• Football game
• Golf
• Pizza
• Went to McDonald's
• Went to park
• Went fishing
• Went to Six Flags

The list went on to mention other things but the important thing that I realized as I was reading the list was that all of the activities had one thing in common...they were fun!

At that very moment something dawned on me.
I had somehow forgotten how to have fun...how to enjoy my life!

These simple comments which where probably written by a teenage boy had somehow opened my eyes to what had been missing in my life or at least temporarily put aside for more mature things in life.

Worrying about taking care of my family, career, and other priorities had caused me to forget one of the most important of all life's lessons...laugh loud, laugh often and have fun!

Now this wrinkled piece of paper which I was about to discard as trash sits on my desk and serves as a reminder of how we should be thankful for the simple pleasures in life which can bring us so much joy.

What about you?

Are You Happy?

Is your life filled with laughter, are you having fun?
Enjoy the journey for it will surely end someday.
It may end suddenly and it may not turn out as you expected but you will surely have no regrets if you had fun along the way.

What will you do today to put a little bit of fun back into our life?

Make a plan and see it through.

Do something special for yourself...do something that brings you joy and excitement!