Reinforce Your Goals with a Personal Mission Statement

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Knowing who you are, what you believe in, and acknowledging your greatest strengths are three of the most critical factors that will enable you to accomplish your goals and lead a truly successful life. 


In order to be truly happy and successful we must seek out that which we were born to do, that which comes naturally to us. A firm understanding of these issues will enable us to move forward with purpose and conviction in our lives as we set out to accomplish our goals.

Believe it or not, we all have a heart song, something that is unique to each of us as individuals.

We each have a very special message or gift that we were meant to share with those around us.

Your Inner-Child

This special gift was probably most apparent to us when we were very young and it came to us quite easily and naturally.

Unfortunately most of us have likely long since forgotten the innocent lessons learned during our childhood, but if you could manage to step back for a minute and think about your past, you would probably find answers to some of the questions that you are struggling with today.

Think back to your childhood and try to remember what types of games you played. What were some of the things that made you really happy? 

Try to recall your fondest memories.

What did you really want to do or what did you want to be when you grew up?

Now that you are an adult did you accomplish what you set out to achieve with your life?

Why or Why not?

What is missing?

In order to gain insight or clues as to how you might be able to further increase your ability to successfully accomplish your goals take a minute to answer these basic questions:

1. What is your special gift or talent?

2. What is your purpose or reason for being here?

3. What will you be remembered for after you are gone?

After you have honestly answered these questions you will then be able to write a personal mission statement for your life which will outline the guiding principles for everything that you do.

Mission Statement

Your mission statement should reflect your core values and beliefs and it should serve to remind you of the things that you do exceptionally well. In short, it will reinforce why you are here and illuminate your purpose.

As long as you focus on your personal mission statement then the rest of the goals that you set for yourself should naturally fall into place. 

Whenever you get off track or feel uncertain about the direction in which you are heading refer back to it and make adjustments if necessary.

You Are Special

You are special so don’t deprive yourself and others of the wonderful gift that resides inside of you.

Share it with yourself, and share it with the world!

Creating your personal mission statement is one small step you can take today that will reinforce your efforts to consistently accomplish your goals.