Try This Trick To Boost Your Productivity

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Daily Do-Littles are small activities that can help you accomplish a larger goal.

I created this term to help relieve some of the stress associated with achieving my personal and career goals.

These activities should not exceed 5 minutes per day.

Breaking these items down into small manageable pieces allows you to be productive without seeming overwhelmed.

When starting new habits it is very important that you set yourself up for success. 

After all, in the initial stages we are more concerned with developing the habit than we are with achieving the end result.  

This concept is critical to your success.

People often fail to find their balance…they either procrastinate and do nothing at all, or they set unrealistic goals and burn themselves out.

It is important to start small and work your way up the ladder gradually and small daily activities can help you accomplish this.

Consider this simple example:

David who is a 44 year old man who has not worked out in over 15 years suddenly decides that he wants to build up his chest, arms, and upper body.

Now after doing no physical activity for 15 years, he can run out join a gym and set up a very expensive and aggressive weight workout.

This is fine if he can stay motivated and stick to it for the rest of his life. 

A much simpler plan would be to link a basic exercise to something that he already does every day and repeat the activity in small intervals.

David could for example perform a basic exercise such as doing 20 push-ups each morning before he takes his shower and at the end of one year he would have gone from doing absolutely nothing to completing 7300 push-ups and he would not have incurred any extra expense. 

Chances are that he would have also developed a habit that he could easily maintain over the long haul.  No need to pay for a membership or go to the gym because this exercise could be done anywhere.

Forming new habits should be done slowly and consistently so that the cumulative effect can take place and increase your confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly okay to do more if you are up to it but If you can’t stick to one simple thing and do it twenty-five times, then it would probably be very difficult for you to successfully accomplish more aggressive goals.

Set yourself up for success by starting out small and linking the habit to something that you are already doing each day.

Activities can include things like:

*    Do 20 push-ups per day

*    Drink a bottle of water on your way to work

*    Read a short motivational quote each day

*    Save $20.00 a week

*    Tell someone that you love them

*    Volunteer to take on a new assignment at work

*    Call a friend or family member

*    Try something that you’ve never done before

Do not concern yourself with doing what is popular or following the latest trends or fads.

Find something that works for you, something that you really enjoy doing, then set some goals, set up a schedule and stick to it.

Focus on developing the habit, not achieving the end result